Pizza Oven Kit – The Freedom of Choice (5 Modular Pizza Ovens Review)

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outdoor woodfired pizza oven made with modular pizza oven kit

A wonderful outdoor wood-fired pizza oven made with modular pizza oven

Do you know that more and more people use a pizza oven kit (or modular pizza oven) when building a wood-fired pizza oven?

This way, you don’t need to build the oven dome brick by brick.

Therefore, the masonry is much easier and faster, and the final outcome is more affordable and reliable.

Outdoor pizza oven kits are the good compromise between proven solutions for oven dome, which is essential for proper functionality, and a DIY exterior.

With one, you can ensure a safe and reliable operation of a wood-fired pizza oven.

On the other hand, a modular pizza oven kit allows you to build your dream outdoor kitchen.

Five best outdoor pizza oven kits are presented in this review. They have been carefully inspected and described in detail.

You will be able to find a comparison table with the important data of reviewed pizza oven kits, making your buying decision a lot easier to make.

Basics of Modular Pizza Ovens (Outdoor Pizza Oven Kits)

Modular pizza ovens or outdoor pizza oven kits are made of prefabricated elements. A refractory material, which retains its strength at high temperature is used for oven parts molding.

The building of a wood fired oven with the pizza oven kit is more reliable and faster than in a classic masonry way.

The dome of modular pizza oven is approximately half as thick as the traditional masonry brick oven dome. Therefore,  a thermal mass is lower also and heat up time is shorter too. Because of this, also a firewood consumption is lower as well.


Main Stages of DIY Pizza Oven Kits Construction

The basic steps of setting up a residential wood burning  oven with the modular pizza oven kit are:

  • Preparing the solid basement (normally made of bricks with a concrete plate on the top)
  • Assembly of the modular pizza oven (the fastest part of a job)
  • Insulating of an oven dome (you don’t want to lose a heat from your oven)
  • Finishing the exterior (“igloo” style or walled enclosure)

You can see more assembly details in videos further below in this post.


The 5 Best Outdoor Pizza Oven Kits Review


Italian Wood Fired Pizza Oven Kit Volta 120 by Sunday Grill

Italian Wood Fired Pizza Oven Kit Volta 120 by Sunday GrillSunday Grill brand was launched in 2008 by MCZ Group, a well-known producer of ovens, stoves, barbeques, and fireplaces. They’re placed in northern Italy, close to the Venice.

Pizza Oven Kit Forno Volta 120 is the biggest model out of all their pizza oven kits and the biggest model in this review too.

The round cooking floor has a diameter of 1.20 m (39.4”) and 1.13m2 (12.16 sq ft.) of floor area.

Due to its generous dimensions, in this oven, you can cook 6 pizzas at the time.

The design of this oven is based on the round cooking floor with a hemispherical dome. The ratio between dome height and diameter is 0.417. Therefore, this oven dome is closer to the Neapolitan than to the Tuscany style.

The vent position is outside of the dome with a large opening for a chimney. This traditional and well-proven solution with excellent heat balance is not used often in modular wood-fired oven kits.

The metal fitting with an airflow regulator should be mounted in the chimney. This’s necessary for optimal smoke exhaust. However, this fitting is not supplied as standard and should be ordered additionally.

In addition, the metal door with the thermometer is made in such manner, that you can pull them on the front side or completely in.

If the door is on the front side, hot air can escape to the chimney. If you push them inside, the heat retains into the oven, what is necessary for retained heat cooking.

The construction of this oven is quite complex. The cooking floor is assembled from 7 pieces, and the oven dome is made of 8 pieces.

There’re 3 more pieces for the arch.  The walls are 6 -7 cm (2.4 – 2.76”) thick, which is more than most of the ther ovens have. This makes the oven heavier and the thermal mass is higher as well.

The material used for this pizza oven kit is ALUTEC®, an innovative light color refractory material with 70% alumina content. The ALUTEC® has been developed and patented by MCZ.

High alumina content makes this refractory material high-temperature resistant.

Pizza Oven Kit Volta 120 consist of:

  • The dome (in 8 pieces)
  • The cooking floor (in 7 pieces)
  • External arch (in 3 pieces)
  • Ceramic fiber insulation (rigid board for hearth insulation and blanket for dome)
  • An iron door with incorporated thermometer

Assembly of the oven should be made without any refractory mortar or sealant between prefabricated elements. This “dry construction” is possible because of specially designed overlapping joints.

Curing of this dome is necessary and should be done according to the producer’s instructions.

Use of the Volta 120 oven is very wide-range. First of all, this’s a huge and general-purpose oven with high-performance. These properties probably come from the well-considered design of the oven dome.

It can reach a very high temperature of 540 °C (1000 °F) so it’s perfect for cooking Neapolitan style pizza.

Because of quite a high dome and oven opening it’s also perfect for cooking in pottery and Dutch ovens. The high thermal mass makes it perfect for retained heat cooking.

This wood-fired pizza oven kit can be used both indoor & outdoor. In addition, it’s suitable for domestic and for commercial use as well.


Well-considered design based on traditional principles.
Able to reach very high temperature 540 °C (1000 °F).
A massive construction with high thermal mass.
Spacious cooking floor for 6 pizzas at once.
The door could be put in different positions.
Massive construction and high thermal mass.
Suitable for commercial use also.


The metal fitting with an air flow regulator (for the chimney) is not supplied as standard.

Who it’s the best for?

First of all, Volta 120 is a pizza oven kit for a bigger audience. Due to its excellent performance, in this oven, you can cook true Neapolitan style pizza in 90 seconds. But, you can also grill and roast the vegetables and all kind of meat including the whole turkey as well.

Since its very high thermal mass, Volta 120 is perfect also for retained-heat cooking.

In conclusion, the Volta 120 is a big, general-purpose oven with excellent performance and most of all, with very high value for the money. Because of its size, performance and robust construction, this oven is suitable also for commercial use.


Outdoor Pizza Oven Kit Garzoni 350 by Californo 

Modular Pizza Oven Kit Californo Garzoni-350The Californo was “Born in California, raised in Florida”. That’s how they advertise their history. Back in 2005, they started to make wood-fired pizza ovens in California, but now they’re placed in Miami, Florida.

The Garzoni 350 Pizza Oven
is the biggest model from their pizza oven kit family and one of the biggest in our review. The round cooking floor with the 84.5 cm (35.25”) diameter has a 0.83 m2 (8.98 sq.ft.) surface. This is big enough for cooking 5 pizza pies at once.

The round cooking floor with the 84.5 cm (35.25”) diameter has a 0.83 m2 (8.98 sq.ft.) surface. This is big enough for cooking 5 pizza pies at once.

The design of this oven is based on the Tuscany dome with height/diameter ratio 0.496.

The little hood with a chimney is positioned inside of the dome (behind the opening) and quite close to the dome center. This is not ideal for the heat balance  because the hot air from the top of the dome goes directly into the chimney before the thermal energy is delivered.

So, the airflow regulator should be installed into the chimney for better combustion control. The airflow regulator is especially important to enable retained heat cooking.

The construction of this oven kit is based on the 5 cm (2”) thick insulation board. On the insulation board go the 5-pieces cooking floor, which is made of specifically designed, commercial-grade Italian fire pavers.

With the 5 cm (2”) thickness and good heat resistance, fire pavers seem like a durable baking surface. Its high thermal mass helps to achieve great pizza crust.

The dome is made from 3 pieces with the wall thickness of 7,5 cm (3”), which is 50% more than average ovens have.

Due to very robust oven dome, the thermal mass is higher too. As a result, the temperature stability of this oven is very high.

The material for the dome is high-density refractory concrete, while the heat-resistant Italian fire pavers are used for the baking floor.

The Californo Garzoni 350 Pizza Oven Kit consists of:

  • Oven cooking surface made of our unique commercial grade fire pavers (5 pieces).
  • Oven dome (4 pieces).
  • Insulation Board for cooking floor insulation (5 cm / 2” thick).
  • Insulation Blanket rolls to cover dome (at 7,5 cm / 3″ total thickness).
  • Heat resistant mortar.
  • Cast iron oven door.

Assembly of this oven should be done without mortar inside the dome joints. Joints should be covered with mortar stripes from outside.

Curing should be done precisely by the instructions to avoid cracks in the oven.

Use of this oven is not limited to home use only. Californo promotes the Garzoni 350 model as an entry-level commercial oven.

Because of its robust design and ability to achieve high temperatures,  it could be used in backyards, in small coffee shops or in a mobile pizza oven trailers.


Able to reach very high temperature 540 °C (1000 °F).
The cooking surface is made of authentic Italian fire pavers.
Very detailed installation instructions not only for the oven but also for the basement.
A very massive construction with high thermal mass.
Suitable for commercial use also.
5-years warranty on oven dome and 1-year warranty on all other parts.


Chimney anchor plate is not included in the kit.
 A chimney is positioned too close to the center of the dome.


Who it’s the best for?

First of all, Neapolitan style pizza lovers will like the very high-temperature Californo Garzoni 350 can reach. It’s also suitable for smaller restaurants or for use in a mobile pizza oven trailers

In addition, retained-heat cooking enthusiasts will not be disappointed. High dome, increased wall thickness, and high thermal mass makes this oven perfect also for this cooking technique.

In conclusion, the Californo Garzoni 350 is a spacious, general-purpose pizza oven kit with good performance and good value for the money, which can be used also for the commercial purpose.

Brick Pizza Oven Kit Model 1000 Plus (2017 Model) by Cuore


Pizza Oven Kit Cuore Model 1000 PlusCuore Ovens Co from Florida is a vendor for wood-fired pizza ovens made in Brazil.

Model 1000 Plus Wood-Fired Oven Kit is an improved version of Model 1000. The cooking floor area of a new model is little smaller than on the previous one.

With a cooking floor surface of 0,60 m2 (6.46sq ft.) is big enough for three normal-size pizzas (dia. 30 cm or 12”) at once, which is more than enough for average home use.

The design of this wood-fired oven kit has changed a lot compared to the previous model. Instead of the classic round design, the cooking floor has now a square shape with rounded corners.

With the average dome height to diameter ratio H/D=0,42 we could consider this dome more Neapolitan than Tuscany type.

Like the prior model, also 1000 plus has a chimney behind the door. This is not a classical solution for brick ovens, but it’s often used for modular pizza ovens anyway.

Anyway, the flue damper is incorporated into the chimney tube, so you can control the combustion. With the closed flue damper also retained heat cooking is possible. With the closed door and when the fire is over of course.

Furthermore, the biggest improvement on 1000 plus model is a bigger chimney. With the diameter of 14 cm (5.5”), the area of chimney cross-section is now 78% bigger. This means a better operation of the oven.

Also, the oven mouth at the new model is wider, so the access is easier.

The construction of this oven is based on a 4-piece cooking floor with incorporated tiles. While incorporated tiles seem like a fine solution, durability of this unique cooking floor is not clear yet.

The dome is made of 10 pieces plus a capstone on the top. The oven mouth with the hood has the opening for the chimney with incorporated flue damper.

The material used in this oven is a refractory concrete, while the cooking floor is made of refractory tiles incorporated into the concrete elements.

Model 1000 Gourmet Wood-fired Kit consists of:

  • The cooking floor (4 pieces)
  • The dome (11 pieces)
  • The mouth (1 piece)
  • The chimney with flu damper (1 piece)
  • A steel door with wooden handle
  • Steel belts with bolts for better stability and durability (3 pieces)
  • A Rock-Wool blanket for dome insulation
  • A bimetallic analog thermometer.

Assembly of this oven should be done without any mortar between the parts. Gaps between dome parts should be sealed with high-temperature mortar only from the outside.

The cooking floor and dome are tied up together with steel belts and bolts. This should assure better stability and durability of the oven cooking floor and the dome.

The cooking floor should be placed on the thin sand bed over the solid base with the thermal insulation on the top (not included).

Refractory cement should be used only for stripes over the joints to prevent leaking of heat from oven dome. For more details watch the video below.


Curing of the oven is necessary and should be done under the manufacturer’s instructions.

Model 1000 Plus wood-fired pizza oven kit is designed for residential use only. As a general-purpose oven could be used for all cooking techniques provided for wood-fired pizza ovens.

The recommended operating temperature for this oven is 426°C (800°F). Although this is not high enough to cook the Neapolitan style pizza in 90 seconds, you can still cook very good pizza and many other foods in this oven.


 Bigger chimney diameter according to the prior model.
Able to reach high temperature 480 °C (900 °F).
 High value for the price.


Cooking floor with incorporate tiles doesn’t give a good impression.

Who it’s the best for?

Pizza Oven Kit Cuore 1000 Plus is, first of all, a solid backyard wood-fired pizza oven kit for a very good price. If you’re looking for a general-purpose oven for home use and you are not too sensitive to details, this could be the right choice.

The Cuore 1000 Plus pizza oven kit is a useful oven of the right size, with good performance and good value for the money.


Outdoor Pizza Oven Kit Spazio 90 by Alfa Pizza

Pizza Oven Kit Spazio 90Alfa Pizza is one of the leading Italian pizza oven producers with 40 years of experience in pizza oven production. It’s a family-owned company placed between Rome and Naples.

Alfa Ref is one of the Alfa Pizza brands which produces residential and commercial wood and gas-fired ovens and pizza oven kits.

Pizza Oven Kit Spazio 90 is their middle-sized model. Spazio in Italian means “space”, and this Pizza oven is quite spacious indeed. With a cooking floor area of 0.64 m2 (6.9 sq ft.) is big enough for 4 pizzas at the same time.


The design of this oven is a little bit special. A combination of a square cooking floor for space-saving and a low Neapolitan dome for efficiency.

While a rectangular shape is easy to fit in any outside or inside cooking area.  the low spherical dome has an ideal h/D ratio 0.375. Therefore, the heat radiation and distribution are maximized.

The ratio of the oven opening and dome height is 0.83 which is quite high, as the ideal ratio is supposed to be 0.63.

Higher values than 0,63 mean that the opening is too high or the dome is too low. This could result in premature escape of hot air from the oven, which means less efficient combustion and bigger consumption of wood.

The vent (chimney) position is traditional, outside the dome which is ideal for proper combustion. In addition, it allows also the retained-heat cooking with a closed door (when the fire is over).

The construction of this oven is quite simple. The oven dome is made of only two pieces and cooking floor too. While the decorative front arch is in one piece.

The material used for this pizza oven kit is a high-grade refractory. As the producer claims, this material is the same one as at their most expensive models.

But, the use is limited to household use only. it seems like the material is not able to resist permanent use.

Pizza Oven Kit Spazio 90 consists of:

  • The dome (in 2 pieces)
  • The cooking floor (in 2 pieces)
  • External arch (1 piece)
  • Ceramic fiber insulation (rigid board for cooking floor and blanket for dome)
  • Stand-alone iron door
  • Thermometer

Assembly of this oven should be made with the special refractory mortar (Refrax or similar). In assembling instructions, it’s written that the entire oven can be assembled and insulated in less than an hour. It may take a little more when you make it for the first time, but not by much.

Find more details in the video below.

Curing of this oven it’s necessary.

The temperature of 400°C / 750°F can be reached in this oven. With the combination of a low Neapolitan dome, cooking of Neapolitan style pizza should not be an issue.

Of course, you can also bake bread, focaccia, or apply any other wood-fired oven cooking technique.

This oven is intended for the home use primarily. Also, the warranty doesn’t cover any kind of damage caused during a commercial use.

In addition, you can install this oven outdoor and indoor as well.


Traditional out of the dome vent position.
Space efficient because of the rectangular shape.
Suitable for an outdoor and indoor application.


A chimney fitting is not included in the kit.
For domestic use only.

Who it’s the best for?

Pizza Oven Kit Spazio 90 has a rectangular shape, so you could easily adapt it to any outdoor kitchen.  So, if you’re limited to space but you still want to cook a real Neapolitan pizza in the low-dome oven, you probably should consider the Pizza Oven Kit Spazio 90.


5 Piece Modular Pizza Oven Kit by Chicago Brick Oven

Modular Pizza Oven Kit 5 PieceCBO from Chicago started in 2006 as a cooperation between three neighbors. Today, they are one of the biggest producers of residential wood-fired ovens in the US.

5 Piece Pizza Oven Kit is the CBO middle offer oven. With the cooking floor surface of 0.40 m2 (4,30 sq ft.), you can cook  2 pizzas at once. We have in mind normal-size (dia. 30 cm or 12”) pizza of course.

The design of this oven is classical with a round cooking floor. With the ratio between dome height and diameter height/diameter ratio 0.448, this oven is closer to the Tuscany style than to Neapolitan.

CBO propagates a Flame Roll™ technology as a high-performance design for achieving a temperature up to 538 °C (1000 °F).

But, in the Operating Instructions Chapter of CBO-750 PLANS TO BUILD A BRICK OVEN is written:

“It is a good idea to not exceed 572°F (300°C) because it may cause serious damage to the Oven.”

Further, immediately after that, it’s written also:

“The CBO-750 Oven has a low chamber, so you do not need to overheat it like other ovens that have a high chamber.

As written at the beginning of this chapter, this oven could not be considered as a Neapolitan oven (with the low chamber). It’s somewhere in the middle, closer to Tuscany style than to Neapolitan.

The difference in temperatures is significant and a Flame Roll™ technology seems just like a marketing move.

The vent (chimney) position is out of the dome but behind the door. So, the airflow regulator should be mounted into the chimney. This way, you keep the heat inside the oven for retained temperature cooking.

The construction of this oven is simple, it’s made from 5 pieces only. And this could probably be the reason for the 5 Piece…. in the ovens’ name.

The oven dome is made from one piece only. There are also 3 pieces for cooking floor and one for the arch.

The material is a refractory cement reinforced with stainless steel fibers. This combination is probably used for preventing dome cracking because it’s made in one piece.

CBO 5 Piece Pizza Oven Kit consists of:

  • The dome (1 piece)
  • The cooking floor (3 pieces)
  • External arch (1 piece)
  • Decorative iron cast door
  • Duravent Flue Anchor Plate (A Chimney and Termination Cap are not included)
  • Installation Kit (Insulating Board, Insulating Blanket, Steel Plate, Mortar)
  • Bolts, nuts, and plates
  • Additional Cooking Kit (Pizza Peel, Wire Brush, Infrared Thermometer Gun)

Assembly should be made with just a little of refectory mortar (as a sealant) between arch and dome. The arch is fixed on the dome with screws. Find more about assembly in the video below.

Curing of the oven is required by the procedure described in the operating manual.

Use of this oven is limited to domestic use only. The highest temperature this oven can reach is  300 °C (572 °F). This is enough for many cooking techniques but is some way from appropriate level for the real Neapolitan pizza.

Strict temperature limit and suitability for domestic use only do not inspire trust in the oven’s quality and durability.


A lot of accessories in the kit.
Reinforced stainless steel fibers in refractory brick.


The small cooking floor.
Maximal temp 300 °C (572 °F) is quite low.
For domestic use only.
Low value for the price (high price-performance ratio).

Who it’s the best for?

If you’re looking for a smaller pizza oven and you’re not too demanding about its performance, the CBO 5 Piece Pizza Oven Kit could be the right choice.

Because of the limited temperature, this oven is suitable for cooking techniques under 300 °C (572 °F). Cooking pizza with this oven faster than in 3 mins is hardly possible. But, you can cook normal pizza, bake bread, roast, grill and so on.

So, if you are not a Neapolitan style pizza fan and you don’t need a high-performance oven, the  5 Piece Pizza Oven Kit could be your choice.


5 Best DIY Pizza Oven Kits (Comparison Table)

You might be puzzled by all the data and information you’ve got.

Find the important data of reviewed modular pizza oven kits joined in the table below. This way, the comparison of modular oven kits will be even more transparent and hopefully, your choice will be easier.

Best Modular Pizza Oven Kits

Press on the inscription below to open the table as a PDF file


How We Chose the Best Wood Fired DIY Pizza Oven Kits?

Our goal is to give you a guideline for making your buying decision easier. While we can’t try every pizza oven, we do a research a lot on them.

Our research is based on the technical descriptions and design, users experience, plus our knowledge and personal experience. With the evaluation of information from different sources, we’ve come up with a list that will guide you in the right direction.







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